Quality Control is the controlling brain of any pharmaceutical company. Alarsin has a well equipped analytical lab which works along with the production department to ensure superior quality of each product.

After completion of finished product, the completed product undergoes detail analysis and only then is released for packing.

Packing materials are also tested for their specifications and only quality cleared packing materials are released for further process.

Every batch of each product is monitored by Q.C., samples are collected & again subjected to complete analysis.

Thus assuring perfect quality even after packing. Samples are also tested for their stability study during and after expiry period.

All these testing procedures are carried out by highly educated FDA approved analytical chemists and are counterchecked by a BAMS Doctor along with FDA approved qualified in-charge.

QC is having 3 sections.
1. Instrument section for Microscopy & Instrumentation
2. Chemical Section for Assays , Extractions & Chemical Analysis.
3. Microbiology Section for Microbiological Testing.