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Research studies on Alarsin products
Presented at various National & International Conferences and/or published in Professional Journals.
Based on Clinical, (Controlled, Double Blind) & pathological Trials in Medical & Veterinary Fields.
G-32 in gingivitis, spongy, painful gums, shaky, aching hypersensitive teeth
Keratinization of Normal, Diseased and treated Gingival, Role of Medicated Massage - G32 and Jenocin 
Dr. C.P. Boghani, Professor and Head, Dept of Periodontia, Govt Dental College, Ahmedabad 
Paper Presented at 1st International & 34th National Dental Conference Bombay 20-24 January 1980
Massage in Gingivitis and other Painful Oral Conditions in Veterinary Practice 
Dr. Randhir Sharma 5th May 1978     Shergada, Dist : Ganjam , Orissa  
Live Stock Advisor Vol. No. III: pp: 23-25
Local Use of G32 an Ayurvedic Drug in Pregnancy Gingivitis 
Dr. Logeswari, MBBS ;  Dr. Manjula, BDS ; Dr. C.R. Kanthamani MD, DGO Suptdt Government Kasturba Gandhi Hospital for Women and Children, Madras The Antiseptic Vol 83 PP 227-233 April 1986
Clinical Trial OF G32 in the Treatment of Oral Leukoplakia 
Dr. Y.C.Srivastava, BDS, MDS(Oral Surg) Medical Officer incharge, Dept of Dental Surgery, District Hospital, Bulandshahr(UP) 
Reprinted from Current Medical Practice - Vol 23. No. 5 May 1979
G32 as local application in the treatment of gingivitis with bleeding gums and halitosis after Scaling and Curetting 
Dr. P. K. Wadhwa , MDS Dental Surgeon, District Hospital Jhansi &  Dr. M.I.A. Siddique,  Medical Officer, Reseach Duty, District Hospital Jhansi 
Reprinted from Maharshtra Medical Journal Vol xxix, No 4, July 1982
A Double Bind Trial of G32 in Control of Gingival inflammation and bleeding in 100 Adult cases of gingivitis and Periodontitis 
Dr. Yadav Niranjan Singh MDS, Asst Prof of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Dental Dept, Osmania Hospital Dr. Mrs. Qudwae Waheeda Shahin BDS, Dental Surgeon Hyderabad, AP 
Paper Presented at 1st International & 34th National Dental Conference Bombay 20-24 January 1980 Journal Indian Dental Association 52, P13-15 , 1981
G32 in Acute and Chronic Gingivitis associated with Painful Teeth 
Dr. Miss Kirti P. Shah , BDS Hony. Dental Surgeon, Ruparel People's Mobile Clinic & Shantaben Zaverichand Mehta Clinic, 
Bombay Vol 21, Feb 1977