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Research studies on Alarsin products
Presented at various National & International Conferences and/or published in Professional Journals.
Based on Clinical, (Controlled, Double Blind) & pathological Trials in Medical & Vetrinary Fields.

Fortege in Male Infertility, Asthenia (Nervous, Muscular, Sexual)
A Boon for Male Sterility 
Dr. R.S. Jaya Singh, Prof & Head of the Dept of Medicine, S.V. Medical College & SVRRGG Hospital, Tirupati, AP 
Indian Medical Gazette, Vol CXXX, No. 8, Aug 1996
Syndrome of "Dhaat" 
Dr. S.K. Joshi, MD, Consulting Physician, Sassoon General Hospital & B.J. Medical Collge, Pune 
Maharashtra Medical Journal, Dec 1965
A Peculiar anxiety Syndrome, nightmare of millions 
Dr. V.R. Sukthankar, MBBS, Bombay 
Indian Prcatitioner, 12:12, Dec 1990
Management of some Male Sexual disorders with Fortege 
Dr. Kamlesh Kumar, MD, DD, PCMS, Asst Prof. of Dermatology &  Venereology, Govt General Hospital, Patiala , Punjab 
Antispetic, 76:3, March 1979
An ayurvedic drug Fortege in the treatment of Oligospermia 
Dr. Mohan N. Bhalerao, MD, DGO,DCH, FICS  Dr. MRs. Savitha N. Bhalerao, MBBS, DGO, Jijamata Hospital, Nanded 
19th Maharashtra Medical Conference , Bombay, Nov 1979
Fortege in Male infertility- A controlled trial 
Dr. Mohan N. Bhalerao, MD, DGO,DCH, FICS  Dr. MRs. Savitha N. Bhalerao, MBBS, DGO, Dr. Samarnath , MBBS &  Dr. S.G. Daithankar MBBS Jijamata Hospital, Nanded 
23rd All india O & G congress, banglore, Dec 1979 Current Medical Practice, 24:3, March 1980
Role of Fortege in Oligospermia 
Dr. L.N. Gupta MBBS & Dr, J.S. Saluja, MBBS, DCP, Raipur, MP 
Current Medical Practice, Vol 19, No. 6, June 1975
Management of Male Infertility with Fortge an Ayurvedic Drug ( A double blind cross over study) Dr. B.C. Panda MD, FCGP ; Dr. Manoj Kumar Behea, MBBS ; Dr. Sachidananda Pradhan, MD, Pathologist Mr. Indrajit Maharana, Lab Technician,  Dist Head Quarters Hospital, Orissa & Sri Manuram Das, MA XXVI All indian O & G congress Pune, Dec 1982
Usefulness of Fortege in Oligospermia and Low motility of sperms (A Controlled trial) 
Dr. R.K. Shelat, MD, FRCS, FACS(USA), Dr. Miss. Muktiben Majumdar, MBBS, DGO, Dr. Bhartiben C. Banderia, BAMS, LMP Dr. Miss K.N. Basu MBBS, DGO, Surat General Hospital & Lakhpati Muncipal Corporation Hospital, Surat 
First Asian Congress of Fertility, Bombay, Feb 1977
Fortege in Male infertility due to Oligospermia (Trial with a non hormonal ayurvedic drug in infertile couples) 
Dr. D jagadisan, MS, MCh (Urol), Prof of surgery and urology, head of dept of Urology, Dr. A.M. Satyanarayan, MS, MCh, Dr. Sivaji, MBBS, PG, Dr. Vijayan, MBBS, Dr. Shamala, MBBS, DGO Dept of Urology, Stanley Medical College & Hospital, Madras 
Antispetic, Vol 78, No. 12, Dec 1981
Post-Vasectomy Recanalisation under magnification and evaluation of the use of an ethical indigenous product after operation 
Dr. Mrs. I.Saha, MS, MCh, Dr N.Polie, MBBS, Dr. A.C.Ganguly, Prof and head of the deptof plastic surgery, medical college, Calcutta 
Calcutta Medical Journal, Vol 83, No3&4, April 1986
Treatment of Oligospermia with Clomiphene Citrate or with Fortege and Crossover treatment where necessary (A retrospective study) 
Dr. Dhiraj Gada, MD, (O &G), Dr. C.M. Shah, MS, Gada Nursing home, Indore 
The Antiseptic, Vol 84, May 1987
Fortege in common Geriatric Complaints 
Dr. V.S. Natarajan, MD, MRCP(UK), FICA, FCCP; Consulting Physician in Geriatric & General Medicine, Madras 
The Indian Practitiner, Vol XXXIV no. 7, Jul 1981
Fortege an indigenous Drug in common Sexual disorders in Males 
Dr.N.C. Bhargava, MBBS, DDV, Venereologist-in-charge STD training & Demonstration Centre, Govt of India, Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi Dr. O.P. Singh, MD (Derm), Psycho-Sexual Clinic, All India institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 
Paper read at 2nd National Conference of Indian assoc. for study of sexually transmitted diseases, Madras, Dec 1977 Mediscope Madras, 21:6, Sept 1978
Fortege an ayurvedic nonhormonal dug in the management of menopausal symptoms 
Dr. P.P. Pawar, MD, DGO, FCPS, Hon Asst. Obst & Gynaec, Dr. Mrs. S.K. Mehta, MBBS, DGO, MO Dr. Dinesh H. Shah, MB, DGO, FCPS, Ashirwad Maternity Home, Bombay 
All Indian obstetric & Gynecological Congress, Pune, Dec 1982
Management of Couple infertility with Aloes Compound in Females and Fortege in Males in a Rural Area 
L.R. Das, MABS, Ph.D, LAMS, Dist Sambapur, Orissa 
The Medicine and Surgery Vol XXV, No 6. June 1985