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Leptaden for absence or deficiency of Lactation, High Risk Pregnancies
Study of composition of breast milk and the effect of Leptaden on the quality of breast milk 
Dr. B.N.Purandare, MD,FRCS,FRCOG, FICS, FCPS, FAMS ; Dr. Mrs. Manda Purandare, MD,DGO,DFP ; Dr. N.M.Purandare, MD(Path), Post-Grad inst. (for study and research) in Gynecology. Wadia Maternity Hospital, Bombay 
CV International Congress of Pediatrics, Oct 1977 New Delhi
Leptaden- A herbal drug in lactation and pregnancy - Review of 20 clinical trials by 40 senior gynecologists 
Dr. Mrs. A. Padma Rao, MD, DGO, Prof & Director of PG inst of O & G, Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Manipal, Karnataka 
4th World Congress on human reproduction, Nov-Dec 1983 Bombay India
Leptaden - A non hormonal Ayurvedic drug for deficient lactation in mothers of an urban community ( A double blind clinical trial) 
Dr. Bhupendra C. Patel, MD,DGO; Dr. Manoj V. Parikh MD, DGO, Dr. Mrs. Leelaben B. Patel MD, DGO 
7th All Gujarat Obst & Gynaec congress, Rajkot, Nov 1981 ; Medicine & Surgery, Vol XXII:6, June 1982
A controlled trial of Leptaden in lactation failure and an experimental study in lactating rats 
Dr. Kasturi Lal, MS, DGO, FICS ; Dr. Bhupinder Singh, MSc, DBA, Dr. Yudhishter VirGupta, MBBS ; Dr. C.N. Tiku, MBBS Mr. D.S. Agarwal , Msc, Lecturer 22nd All india O & G congress, indore, Dec 1978 ; Indian Practitioner vol XXXIII(10), Oct 1980
A controlled trial on Leptaden in weight gain of infants as a galactogogue in lactation cases 
Dr. Prof. N.R.Bhandari, MD(Ped), MAMS, FIAP, DCH ; Dr. S.L. Soni, MBBS, DCH, Dept of Pead., Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal , MP
Indian Practitioner, 32:4, April 1979
Effect of Leptaden on Lactation ( A controlled clinical study) 
Dr. Prof. A. Padma Rao, MD, DGO, Dr H.I.Devi, MBBS, DGO, Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Manipla , Karnataka 
Antiseptic, 74:7, July 1977
Leptaden - A clinical trial as a galactogogue 
Dr. Prof. A. Sitaram, MD, DGO, O&G, Madras Medical College, Dr. Habla Akhtar, MBBS, DGO, Kasturba Gandhi Hospi, 
Madras Antiseptic, 69:5, May 1972
Breast Feeding and Leptaden 
Dr. Mrs. Jyoti M. Kothari, MD, DGO ; Dr. Miss Meena L. Kothari, MBBS, DGO, Ramkrishna Mission hospital, Bombay 
48th All India Medical Conference, Ahmedabad, Dec 1972
Lactation - A clinical trial with Leptaden a Herbal Drug 
Dr. Kusum Gupta, MS, Dr. Prof. Naval Kishore, MS, FACS, head of dept. of O & G, SN Medical College, Agra(UP) 
Antiseptic, 63:10, Oct 1966
A herbal drug that stimulates lactation 
Dr. Malati G. Gokhale, MD, Conslt. O&G, jagjivan Ram western Hosp., Hon O&G, Ayurvedic Rugnalay Hospital, RV Ayurvedic Hosp., Sion, Bombay 
Indian Practitioner, 18:12, 1965
Mystery of Lactation (A Clinical study on an Indian drug) 
Dr. Miss Malati R. Deshpande, MBBS, DGO, MRCP, (Endocrinology), Dr. Manju N. Asher, GFAM, Bombay 
Antiseptic, 59:11, Nov 1962
A possible mechanism of leptaden action by inhibiting prostaglandin F2 alpha synthesis 
Dr.S.C. Sharma, Phd, Lecturer, Trinity college, Dublin-2, Ireland 
Indian Journal of medical research 64:4, 1976
Effect of Leptaden on smooth muscles pretreated with some antihistaminic and atropine 
Dr. K.Sambasiva Rao and Dr. M. Krishnamurthy, College of Vet. Sciences, hyderbad, AP 
Indian Vet Hournal, 53:5, May 1976
Pharmacological studies on indegenous drugs Leptadenia Reticulata and Breynia Patens 
Dr. P.N.Shrivastava, MVSc, Dr. D.N.Shrivastava, MVSc, Jawaharlal Neru Krishi Vidyalaya, Jabalpur, MP Prof. A.H.Ahmed, PhD, Head of dept of pharmacology, haryana agriculture univ, Hissar, Haryana
Indian Vet Journal 51, Aug 1974
Leptaden on milk yield in the Lactating Rats
Dr. S.C. Sharma, BVSc, & AH, Dept. of pharmacology, PGI Chandigarh 
19th Indian Veterinary conference, Ranchi, May 1970
Studies of Leptadenia Reticulata - Pharmacological actions of aqueous extract (independent study from dept of pharmacology) 
Dr. S.L. Agarwal, Dr. B.S. Deshmankar, Dr. S.C.L. Verma, Dr. S.P.Saxena, Dept of pharmacology, GR Medical College Gwalior 
Indian Journal of medical research 48:7, July 1960