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Research studies on Alarsin products
Presented at various National & International Conferences and/or published in Professional Journals.
Based on Clinical, (Controlled, Double Blind) & pathological Trials in Medical & Veterinary Fields.
Ayapon, an Herbal Haemostatic & Coagulant in all bleeding conditions, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
Ayapon to control bleeding after I.U.C.D.
Dr Mrs G.G. Ursekar, MBBS, DGO ; KEM Hospital , Pune Maharshtra 
Medical Journal, Vol XX, No. 3, June 1973
Usefulness of an Ayurvedic Drug containing Eupatoriu Ayapana in 50 cases of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 
Dr J. Karuna 
The Bonbay Hospital Journal, Vol 22, No 2, 1980
Ayapon in Menorrhagia and othe common Menstural Bleedings 
Dr. Vasantben M. Shah, MD, DGO, MRCOG Prf and Head. Dr. Akem M. Desai, MD, DGO, ; Dr. B. Patel MBBS, Dept of Obstertrics & Gynaecology, Govt Medical College & civil Hospital, Surat, Gujarat 
Paper Presented at the 5th Gujarat Obst & Gynaec Conference, Navasari 2nd Dec. 1979
Ayapon in Post Insertional Bleeding 
Dr. Lalitha Ananthasubramaniam, MS, DGO Associate Prof of Obst and Gynaec, Madras Medical College Dr. R. Kasthuri, MBBS, Urban Family Planning Clinic, Govt Kusturba Gandhi Hospital, Madras Dr. Jaya Rajendran, MBBS, DGO, Asst Surg, Govt Kusturba Gandhi Hospital, Madras 
Mediscope Vol XVIII No. IX December 1973
Place of indigenous drug Ayapon in D.U.B. (Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding) 
Dr. S.R. Jahagirdar. FRCS(Edn), FRCS(Eng), Consulting Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Hyderabad, AP 
Paper read at XVI conference of international Collge of Surgeons, Hyderabad, 2-4 October, 1970
A controlled trial of Ayapon in Copper T.(I.U.C.D.) Post insertional bleeding after MTP in Family Planning 
Dr. Mrs. Gouri Rai Chowdhuri, Senior Medical Officer, Family welfare Dept, Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi 
The Medicine and Surgery Vol XX, No. 2 , February 1980
Use of Ayapon in Functional Uterine Bleeding 
Dr. S.C. Saxena, MS Obst. & Gynaec, Medical College, Jabalpur, MP 
Current Medical Practice, Page 223-228 Vol. 17, May 1973
Value of Herbal Drugs in Functional Uterine Bleeding 
Dr. Ramesh K. Shelat, MD, FRCS (Ed) Consulting Obst & Gynaec, Surat General Hospital, Lakhpati & Kadiwala Hospital Dr. Miss. Usha N. Shah , BA, MS, M.O. Lakhpati Maternity Hospital, Surat 
The indian Practition , October 1966
Use of Ayapon an Ayurvedic Drug in uterine bleeding after Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) or after insertion of cut 200 ( A controlled study in 482 cases) 
Dr Mrs A.G. Gode, MD, DRCOG, Medical Superintendent, Dr MRS J. Khandpur, MD, DGO, Senior Meical Officer Dr S. Mahajan, MD, Medical Offcier & Dr. MRs. D.K. Uppal MD, Medical Officer CGHS Gynaec and Maternity Hospital , R. K Puram, New Delhi 
Current Medical Practice, Vol. 26 No. 3, March 1982
Ayapon in Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 
Dr. Ramani Sivaraman, MD, DGO Additional Professior of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Madras Medical College, Madras Asst. Superintendent Govt. Kasturba Gandhi Hospital for Women and Children, 
Madras Mediscope Vol XVIII No X, Jan 1976