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Research studies on Alarsin products
Presented at various National & International Conferences and/or published in Professional Journals.
Based on Clinical, (Controlled, Double Blind) & pathological Trials in Medical & Veterinary Fields.
Leptaden (Vet.) as GALACTAGOGUE
Clinical Trial of Leptaden(Vet) to evaluate its effect on the rate of Wool growth in Nail Sheep"
Dr. S.M. Srivastava. Dist Livestock Officer, Orai, Jalaum UP. 
-Livestock Advisor, Vol XIV Issue X, P 42-43 1989
Influence of Leptaden (vet) on Milk Yield, its quality composition in farm bred sahiwal cows. 
Dr. D.N. Pande and Dr. M.K. Rai, Dept of A.H., BHU, Varanasi. 
-Indian Vet Journal, Vol 7, June 1983
Leptaden (Vet) as a Galactagogue in an elephant with deficient Lactation 
Dr. M.O. Raghavan Nambier, BVSc, Key Village Boack, Calicut, Kerela
-Inidan Vet Journal Vol 58 : 8, 667-668, Aug 1982
Leptaden (Vet) in Let-down of milk - A review
Dr. V.B. Hukeri, MVSc, PhD, Dr. Deopurkar - Bombay
-All India Symposium on Diary farming Today and Tomorrow and problems of Reproduction in Farm animals. Bombay Vetrinary College, Bombay, 22-24 Dec 1981
Clinical Trial with Leptaden (Vet) in cases of Hypnogalactia in Buffaloes
Dr. Mahendra Pal, BVSc & AH, MVPH, Dr. I.D. Sharma, Dr. G.D. Dube, Dept of Animal Husbandary, Delhi Administration, Delhi, Disease Investigation Laborartory, Veterinary Hospital, Motibagh, New Delhi.
-Dairy Guide, 2:1 P 19-21 Dec 1979
Leptaden (Vet) to enhance Lactation in Ewes
Dr. Dalpat Singh Harkawat, BSc, BVSc & AH, AIE (Sheep) Kankroli, DIst Udaipur, Dr. L.R.Singhvi, BVSc & AH Asst. Research Officer, AI Sheep Project, Shahpura, Dist. Bhilwara (Rajasthan)
Livestock Advisor Vol No. 2P 9-11, Aug 1977
Leptaden (Vet) in correcting the irregularities of Milk production in Cows
Dr. M.K. Majumdar, BVSc & AH, Extension Officer (AH) ICDP II Barasat, 24 Parganas (W.Bengal)
-Indian Journal of Animal Health Vol XVI No. 1 pp 101-103 June 1977
Studies on evaluation of Galactagogue properties of Leptaden (Vet)
Dr. M.B. Nisal, V.A. Sapre; Dr. D.W. Khare Veterinary College, Nagpur Maharashtra
-Nagpur Veterinary College MAgazine Vol No VI P8-9, 1975
Studies on Lactogenic properties of Leptaden (Vet)
Dr. M.K. Rajagopalan, Maggie Manachery & Santha E. George, Trichur, Kerela
-Indian Vet, J, 49:2, Feb 1972
Studies on Galactagogues in Buffaloes
Prof M.P. Johari, FRCVS (Sweden), Prof of Gynec, & Reproduction and Dr, G.D. Singh Veterinary College, Mathura, UP.
19th Indian Vet. Conference, Ranchi, Bihar, May 1970