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Research studies on Alarsin products
Presented at various National & International Conferences and/or published in Professional Journals.
Based on Clinical, (Controlled, Double Blind) & pathological Trials in Medical & Vetrinary Fields.
Benign Enlarged Prostrate (Bangshil + Fortege)
Bangshil and Fortege in Prostatic Congestion 
Dr. M.K. Joseph, MS, FICS, Surgeon & Urologist, TD Medical Collge and Hospital, Alleppey, Kerala 
Current Medical Practice, Vol 24, No. 8, August 1980
Clinical study with Fortege and Bangshil in cases of benign enlargement of Prostate and urinary tract infections 
Dr. T.B. Singh,MS, Dr. N.S. Chauhan, MBBS, Dept of Surgery, GR Medical College, Gwalior, MP 
National Medical Gazette, Gwalior, Vol 13, No 9, Sept 1974
Bangshil in the treatment of prostatitis, cystitis and enlarged prostate 
Dr. D. Jagadisan, MS, M.Ch. (Urology), Prof Of Surgery & Urology, Dr. A.M. Sathyanarayanan, MS, Asst prof of surgery Dr. J.Shamala, MBBS, House Surgeon, Govt Stanley Hospital and Stanley Medical College
Madras Antiseptic, Vol 75, No. 2, Feb 1978
Bangshil and Fortege in Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy 
Dr. Surender Singh, MD, FCCP, Dr. B.M Tejwani, MD, Dr. Lekha Pathak, MD, Dr. M.A. Wahab MBBS, Medical College, MP 
Current Medical Practice, Vol 15, No 12, Dec 1971
Benign Enalarged Prostate and its treatment with two ayurvedic drugs Bangshil and Fortege, where surgery is contraindicated or is refused by the patient Dr. Raghoji Vijay, MS, Mch, Urologist, Wadia Charitable Hospital, Solapur 
Maharshtra Medical Journal, Vol XXXIV, No 4, April 1987
Clinical Trial of Bangshil and Fortge in Benign Prostatic Enlargement 
Dr.M.D. Tripathi, MS, Dr. V.K. Pratap, Md, Dr. A.S. Mathur, Dr. R.C. Singh, LLRM Medical College and SVBP Hospital , UP 
Current Medical Practice Vol 30, No 2, Feb 1986