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Aloes Compound in Female Infertility, Menstrual Disorders
Non hormonal Ayurvedic drugs in the treatment of primary infertility
Dr. Mrs. Bakula P. Shah, B.Sc, LM, DGO(Dublin), FRCOG(London) & Dr. Pramod H. Shah, FRCS(london), FRCS(Edin)
Current Medical Practice , Vol 26, No.12, Dec 1992
A controlled trial of Aloes Compound in cases of sterility and menstrual irregularity
Dr. Mrs. S. Agarwal , MD, DGO, Assoc. Prof. In Obst. & Gynaec, Govt Medical, Nagpur , Maharashtra
The medicine & Surgery, Vol no XXV, April 1985
Management of Couple Infertility with Aloes Compoundin Females and Fortege in Males in a Rural area.
Dr. L.R.Das MABS, Ph.D, LAMS, Padhani Pali, Orissa
The Medicine & Surgery Vol XXV No. 6 , pp 20-22 June 1985.
Aloes Compound - Ayurvedic drug in the management of Sub-Fertility & Infertility, Primary or Secondary - A review of published research studies.
Dr. R. Vijaya , MD, DGO, FICS, Tanjore
30th All India Obst. & Gynec. Conference , Ahmedabad. 1986
Clinical evaluation of infertility associated with irregular menstrual cycles treated with an indigenous preparation
Dr. C.L. Jhaveri, MD, FACS, FCPS ; Dr. Mrs. Ila S.Mody, MD, FRCS, DRCOG, DGO, Dr. Mrs. J.K.Munim MD, DGO
Dr. Miss P.G. Das MBBS, Sterility Clinic, Department of Obst. & Gynaaec, Dr. Balabhai Nanavaty Hospital
Proceedings of the XVIth All India Obstetrics and Gynecological Congress. New Delhi 1972
Management of Primary & Secondary Sterility till delivery with Aloes Compound & Leptaden in the mofussil and rural areas in India
Dr. Bakula P.Shah, B.Sc. DGO, LM(Dublin), FRCOG( London), Shah Surgical & Meternity Hospital, Amravati
21st All India O&G Congress Cuttack 27-29 Dec 1977
Antiseptic, 77:3, P. 155-162 March 1980
Primary Dysmenorrhoea in the unmarried, treated with Aloes Compound
Dr. Mrs. Gita Bhatia, MD, FCPS, DGO, DFP.
Current Medical Practice, Vol No. 15, April 1971
Sterility Associated with irregular and scanty menstruation
Dr. Mrs. Roshan R. Balsara, MS, MD, DRCOG(Lond), MRCOG (Lond).
The Indian Practitioner 19:1-123-5, Jan 1966
Aloes compound in sterility (A review of 797cases)
Dr. A.V. Sangamnerkar, MD, DGO, Consulting Obst. & Gynaec, Colony Nursing home, Poona.
Paper at 21st All India Obst & Gynaec Congress, Cuttack, December 1977
Trial with the indegenous Drug ALOES COMPOUND in Infertility
Dr. N. Rajeskharan, MD, DGO, Director and Superintendent, Dr.R.Vijaya, MD, DGO, Dr. Celia Dorothy White, MBBS, DGO, Dr. Uma Rani, MBBS, DGO. Institue of O & G and Govt Hospital for Women and Children, Madras
Antiseptic Vol 72(9) p 451-57 Sept 1975
A trial of Aloes Compound(An Indegenous drug) in cases of sterility associated with Menstural irregularity
Dr. Krishna Mukherji, MS Leturer, Dr. M.Pande MS Regsitrar, Prof. Meena Mukherjee, MD, FRCOG, Head of the Dept of O&G, MLN, Medical College & Kamala Nehru Hospital Allahabad, UP
XVI All India Obset & Gynec Congress New Delhi, 10-12 March 1972
Use of Aloes Compound (Vet) in infertile brood mares
Dr. M.L. Kudale, Dept of Surgery, Bombay Veterinary College & Col. Amarnath (Retd), Sewanta Stud farm, Bhopal MP
Paper presented at the annual convention of Indian society for veterinary surgeons , Madras, December 1979
Aloes Compound as an Ovarian Activator in Anoestrus Buffaloes
A.D. Deshpande, B.Sc(Vet), Project Office, Diary Extension Officer, Intensive Cattle Development Programme
Paper presented at the First Asian Congress of induced Abortion and Voluntary Sterilisation Bombay, March 1979
Management of Primary and Secondary Sterility with Aloes Compound, D & C-Aloes compound and D & C-Aloes Compound with
Inj. Placentrex Dr. Mrs. Usha Khosla, MBBS, MAGS(USA), Obst. & Gynaec
Dr K.C. Khosla, MD, MCCP(USA), Khosla Clinic & Nursing Home, Dist Kapurthala, Punjab
The Medicine & Surgery , Vol XXI No 7, July 1981
Clinical Trial of Aloes Compound in cases of Dysmenorrhoea.
Dr. Navratan Bafna, BSc, DA, Dr. Madhu Mehta, MBBS
The Rajasthan Medical Journal, Vol XIX No. 1, Jan 1980
Management of Couple infertility with Aloes Compound in Females and Fortege in Males in a Rural Area
L.R. Das, MABS, Ph.D, LAMS, Dist Sambapur, Orissa
The Medicine and Surgery Vol XXV, No 6. June 1985