Ancient Hindu system of Science & Art of Life & Living (here and now)

Samudra Manthan Churning of the Cosmic Ocean: in Hindu mythology forms one of the most fascinating subject of enquiry and research because of its symbolic significance at various levels. It was the first universal research project to discover the eternal principles of Science and Art of Life and Living. And to find remedies to save civilizations from material, mental and spiritual crisis and chaos that engulf man in every age.

At the final epic climax of Samudra Manthan, there arose from the Cosmic Ocean a youth eternal, Bhagwan Dhanwantri, God of Ayurveda with Amrut: eternal principles and techniques of practicing Science and Art of Life and Living.

Ayurvedic Concepts in Cell in Cosmos:

This body is an instrument: field for achieving liberation (Moksha) through Dharma-Artha_kama here and now

What is medicine:
Nothing exists in the world of matter - mind - cosmos which is not a medicine

Right and pure Drug:
that medicine is the right one and pure one which cures a disease - physical, mental, spiritual and does not give rise to adverse reactions or create other diseases.